Industry Trends And Developments - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Europe Q317 Round-Up - DEC 2017

BMI View: Out of the six regions we assess, the European pharmaceutical market will continue to experience the lowest regional average growth over our five-year forecast period. Opportunities for growth remain substantial in the emerging Europe sub-region, where greater emphasis on universal access to healthcare and increased medicine reimbursement will provide a tailwind to drug sales. In Western Europe, increasingly stringent cost-containment measures will result in sluggish growth. We note the Western European markets will remain more attractive for innovative drugmakers on account of their more robust and transparent operating environments.

Europe's USD322bn (EUR291bn) drug market is forecast to expand to USD358bn (EUR306bn) with a 3.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) at constant exchange rate (CER) terms through to 2021. The USD62bn (EUR56bn) emerging Europe region will post an 8.9% CAGR through to 2021. In contrast, the USD260bn (EUR235bn) Western Europe sub-region will post a 1.8% CAGR over the same time period. Europe's pharmaceutical market will post a five-year CAGR of 2.2% in USD terms and 1.0% in EUR terms. The Western Europe region is made up of the sub-regions of Southern Europe, Western Europe and Northern Europe; the emerging Europe region consists of the sub-regions of Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Southern Europe

Pharmaceutical Market Forecast , USDbn
2011 - 2026
f = BMI forecast. Source: BMI

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