Industry Trend Analysis - Pricing Regime To Provide A Headwind To Drugmakers - MAY 2017

BMI View: Pharmaceutical legislation, exemplified by newly introduced pricing regulations and long-standing clawback taxes, will continue to make Romania a challenging market for multinational pharmaceutical firms. Despite government initiatives to increase patient access, medicines are being withdrawn from the market due to these challenges. Romania will remain among the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets among EU member states ; however , the risks posed by these regulatory challenges will reduce appetite for increased market exposure.

Romania's pharmaceutical policies will continue to pose challenges to multinational pharmaceutical firms, leading to negative consequences for patient access to medicines. The revision of medicine prices, due to come into force on April 1 2017, will exacerbate the withdrawal of medicines from the market as the risks to profit margins of marketing products at prices significantly lower than neighbouring countries will be superseded by the potential rewards. Moreover, revenues in other European markets may be impacted by the potential for pharmaceutical wholesalers exploiting parallel trade opportunities.

Highest Risk Market Among CEE EU Member States

Pricing Regime Headwind For Drugmakers
Risks For Innovative Drugmakers In CEE
Note: Scores out of 100; higher scores = lower risk. Source: BMI's Risk/Reward Index

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