Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmacy Access To Increase Vaccine Market Attractiveness - AUG 2017

BMI View: The Brazilian government's focus on the administration of vaccines in pharmacies, in line with its efforts to maximise access to vaccinatio ns , will boost commercial opportunities for multinational vaccine producers . This will be furthered by the overstretched production of local vaccine manufacturers, the need to reduce the burden on the health system during vaccination seasons and the vast network of pharmacies in the country.

Highlighting revenue earning opportunities for vaccine producers, the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) of Brazil is drafting legislation that regulates the minimum requirements for the administration of vaccines in pharmacies. The measures have undergone a public consultation before moving to the decision by ANVISA; representatives of the pharmaceutical industry were largely in favour while those representing vaccination clinics broadly opposed the measure due to safety concerns. The availability of vaccines in pharmacies was initially approved in 2014 making it necessary for ANVISA to draft sanitary norms with minimum requirements for the provision of vaccination services. Currently, in addition to the public health network, only specialised vaccination clinics are allowed to offer vaccination services.

The legislation, if approved, will significantly expand access to and increase the demand for vaccines, thereby boosting commercial opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry. There are 80,000 pharmacies in Brazil and these are open at more diverse hours than medical facilities, thereby increasing access to vaccines. Using the number of pharmacists per 1,000 persons as a proxy, Brazil is far ahead of other Latin American countries. The legislation would also remove the need for a consultation room or a clinician to attend to an adverse event. This would result in a reduction of costs to the health system by alleviating the congestion in health centres that occurs during vaccination seasons, which is likely to be more acute during the winter season which began in the month of June.

Brazil Well Above Latin American Counterparts
Number Of Pharmacists Per '000s, 2016
Source: National Sources, BMI

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