Industry Trend Analysis - Pharma 2020 To Drive Growth In Pharma R&D and Clinical Trials - NOV 2017

BMI View: Russia ' s Pharma 2020 vision is driving growth within the country ' s pharmaceutical sector, providing considerable opportunities for drugmakers. The market poses significant growth potential for medicine sales, leading to a significant uptick in foreign investment into production capacity. We not e that this will remain firmly within the generic medi cine sector due to ongoing regulatory challenges. In addition, the clinical trial market will continue to expand due to favourable costs and high patient pools.

Vladimir Putin's ambitious Pharma 2020 vision will continue to transform the Russian pharmaceutical industry, representing a number of challenges for multinational pharmaceutical firms. We note that potential for growth within this key emerging market are plentiful if drugmakers are able to adapt their strategies to this changing landscape. Here we look at the impact of the Kremlin's policy on investment into the country's pharmaceutical industry with a specific focus on research and development (R&D) and clinical trials.

Drive Towards Self-Sufficiency

Pharmaceutical Legislation Poses Drugmaker Risks
Factors Preventing Foreign Investment
Source: Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC), BMI

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