Industry Trend Analysis - Outside Risk Of Transformative Changes For Drugmakers - JAN 2018

BMI View: Opportunities within Russia's pharmaceutical s and healthcare markets continue to be limited by the healthcare system ' s shortcomings and market access barriers. While a relatively minor risk in the short term, the transformation of the country's regulatory environment has the potential to provide significant revenue growth potential to drugmakers. In addition, proposed changes to healthcare financing and medicine reimbursement could improve commercial opportunities in the country.

The Russian pharmaceutical and healthcare markets remain among the largest in Europe, principally due to the country's large population. However, drugmaker opportunities are severely restricted in comparison to equivalently sized markets, due to a combination of limited access to healthcare, discriminatory state policies, and significant regulatory risks. Here we look at two major opportunities for disruption to the status quo in Russia's pharmaceutical and healthcare markets: improvements in the innovative medicine sector and changes to healthcare financing.

Patented Drug Sector An Untapped Market

Challenges To Repress Innovative Medicine Sector
Russia: Pharmaceutical Market Breakdown
f = BMI forecast. Source: Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Russia (AIPM), Remedium, BMI

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