Industry Trend Analysis - Limited Growth Potential To Reduce Patented Drugmaker Appetite - SEPT 2017

BMI View: Opportunities for innovative drugmakers in Slovakia will remain amongst the highest across the Central and Eastern European region on account of the advanced regulatory environment. While this will pose fewer risks to drugmakers, Slovakia ' s market has less potential for growth than some of its similarly-developed regional neighbours, notably Poland.

Slovakia will maintain its position as one of the foremost Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets for innovative pharmaceutical firms seeking to expand their European revenues outside of the traditional Western Europe markets. Alongside its neighbouring countries, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (making up the Visegrad Four), Slovakia has one of the most robust regulatory environments in the region. Indeed, upon its accession to the EU in 2004, the government did not request a transition period for the implementation of EU directives that are their basis for market regulation.

The advanced nature of Slovakia's pharmaceutical market is visible in the level of per capita expenditure on medicines. A higher per capita expenditure indicates a larger demand for high-value innovative drugs and an elevated purchasing power of the population. Slovakia has the highest sustainable per capita expenditure on medicines in the CEE region; Greece spends the most on a per capita basis, but this expenditure is unsustainable ( see ' Poor Pharmaceutical Policy Will Maintain Regional Underperformance ' , June 19).

Well-Developed Market With Respect To Regional Peers
CEE - Pharmaceutical Expenditure Per Capita (USD)
Source: BMI

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