Industry Trend Analysis - Healthcare Demographics Will Dictate Company Strategy - JAN 2018

BMI View : Discrepancies at the state level highlight the depth of healthcare inequality between South Africa's urban and rural landscapes. While efforts are being made to improve the health of the population, South Africa's healthcare system is still underdeveloped in key aspects that will limit commercial rewards for drugmakers and private healthcare providers over the coming years - especially as the government focuses on addressing basic services, while containing costs.

Drugmakers keen to leverage commercial opportunities in South Africa will have to account for a highly heterogeneous landscape. We hosted a webinar in September 2017 ( available online ) that analysed South Africa's healthcare market at the provincial level, among many other topics. Here we present a few key findings from our analysis of the demographics at the state level in South Africa. We have previously highlighted how South Africa's dynamic pharmaceutical landscape continues to shape opportunities for drugmakers ( see ' State-level Approach Will Be Heeded By Drugmakers' , September 12 2017).

Healthcare Inequali ties Persist At The State Level

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