Industry Trend Analysis - Demographic Characteristics Will Limit Pharmaceutical Growth Potential - JUNE 2017

BMI View : The pharmaceutical markets in the MENA region will be shaped by a combination of trends over the coming years. The MENA region is characterized by an unfavourable demographic profile, with the risks most pronounced in countries with large youth populations and weak growth outlooks. Rapid population growth bodes well for drugmaker opportunities over the long-term, yet this potential is somewhat marred by the negative impact of small pensionable populations limiting medicine sales growth.

Demographic market trends are a key factor influencing drugmaker opportunities worldwide. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, governments will continue to face a significant demographic challenge as a large, rapidly growing young population enters the workforce over the coming decade and beyond. While differences exist at the national level, MENA's regional demographic profile will remain decidedly difficult for pharmaceutical firms' performance.

MENA: Unfavourable Demographics For The Majority

Diverse Regional Demographics
MENA - Percentage Of Population Under The Age Of 25 (2016)
Source: BMI, World Bank

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