Industry Trend Analysis - ADCs Will Sustain Interest As Positive Results Continue To Emerge - JAN 2018

BMI View: Antibody-drug conjugates will continue to gain attention as positive data are showcased at conferences. Small biotechs will remain as the primary developers of early stage compounds , with big pharma showing interest as compounds move to the later stages of development.

The AACR-NCI-EORTC symposium on molecular targets and cancer therapeutics, held in October, primarily focused on preclinical, early and mid-stage product candidates. Next-generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) were a key theme at the conference, highlighting a renewed interest as new ADCs gain approval. New approvals and late-stage trial data reflect that second-generation products are able to overcome the limitations of the first generation, and BMI previously noted that next-generation ADCs would generate interest in 2017 (see ' Second-Generation ADCs To Enter Market In 2017 ' , January 23 2017). While most of the ADC developments have been positive, there have been a few setbacks as not all compounds are successful in trials.

New ADCs Set To Enter The Clinic

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