Industry Trend Analysis - Abilify Mycite Is First Step In Digital Medicine Revolution - JAN 2018

BMI View: The approval of Abilify Mycite is a major advance in the digital medicine sector and an ingestible sensor will likely be used among a wider range of drugs, with applications targeting other chronic medical conditions soon following . Drugmakers will increasingly invest in internet and mobile-based technologies that improve patient medicine compliance, and global telecare investment will rise. Digital medicines have the potential to translate into healthcare cost savings, but this will have to be proven in order to justify the added expense and ensure uptake .

The FDA has granted the first approval of a digital medicine system, Abilify Mycite (aripiprazole tablets with sensor), a drug-device combination product comprised of Otsuka's oral aripiprazole tablets embedded with an ingestible event marker (IEM) sensor. Data are becoming increasingly important in the treatment paradigm and Abilify Mycite is heading the digital medicine revolution. This system will provide an objective summary of drug ingestion over time, to help enhance collaboration with healthcare providers who treat patients with certain serious mental illnesses.

Medication Monitoring Could Limit Avoidable Healthcare Costs

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