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Pfizer Dominates Vaccine Market

August 2012 | Industry Trend Analysis

BMI View: South Africa's vaccine market will continue to rely heavily on imports from large multinationals, with Pfizer (Prevenar) and Sanofi Pasteur (Pentaxim) being the biggest players in the market. The vaccine supply chain system in the Western Cape will continue to be outsourced to the country's only human vaccine manufacturing facility, the Biovac Institute, with a 6% mark-up on the total price of vaccines delivered to each health centre. BMI believes the Western Cape's success will encourage private outsourcing in other provinces in the country in the long-term. An efficient and reliable supply chain system, in addition to a recent technology transfer between Sanofi Pasteur and the Biovac Institute, whereby Biovac will be involved with late stage manufacturing of a bulk product into a finished vaccine product, will encourage further trust and investment in South Africa's vaccine market in the future.

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