Market intelligence, trend analysis and forecasts for the Pharma and Healthcare industries across the regions

About Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Insight

Published by the emerging markets specialists Business Monitor International, the Pharma and Healthcare Insight series of PDF newsletters provides informed and independent analysis on the main trends affecting the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Split into five regional PDF publications covering Asia, Western Europe, Emerging Europe, the Middle East & Africa and the Americas, Pharma and Healthcare Insight examines the implications of global and region-wide trends at a regional, market-specific and company level. is designed to complement the Pharma and Healthcare Insight PDF newsletters by allowing subscribers password-access to the full content online, along with the ability to download current or back issues and also the flexibility of exploring the fully searchable archive of stories by country, topic or keyword.

Key topics covered include:

BMI 5-Year Industry Forecasts

We provide a five-year forecast of the key variables of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, including production, sales, imports, exports, trade balance and the industry’s contribution to GDP

Company News And Analysis

Focusing on company strategy and performance in each individual market, placing market developments in a local and regional context while bringing BMI’s independent voice to the central issues

Business Environment Rankings

BMI’s unique, independent rankings assess each individual market for investment suitability, taking into account political and economic risk, output growth potential, market saturation, competitive environment and regulatory environment

Profiles and Case Studies

Placing both multinational and larger national players in their country or regional context, investigating market position, highlighting investment projects and product development and analysing recent financials.

About Business Monitor International (BMI)

Pharma and Healthcare Insight is part of the product portfolio of Business Monitor International (BMI). Established in 1984, BMI is a leading publisher of specialist business information on global emerging markets. The BMI range of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly services covers political risk, finance, macroeconomic performance, outlook and forecast, industry sectors and the business operating environment. BMI also publishes directories and CD-ROMs profiling multinational companies active in emerging markets.

This wide-ranging and extensive coverage of all global emerging markets allows us to analyse and forecast the economic and political risk and business environment in a broad global context. We are independent and objective and our subscribers and clients benefit from the fact that the information we offer remains free from any vested interest.

BMI has customers in over 150 countries and has an international reputation for not only its highly respected analysis of news and events, but also for its leading forecasts that subscribers soon come to rely upon.

Subscribers at over half of the Global Fortune 500 companies, in addition to governments, banks and research centres benefit from our mission to provide executives with authoritative analysis and forecasts to make informed global decisions.

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