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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - J&J Earnings Beat Consensus Expectations - DEC 2014

Americas October 2014 / United States / Industry

Johnson & Johnson posted an earnings and revenue beat for Q314, but we believe that the company will see headwinds in the coming quarters. We see sales of Olysio tailing off sharply following the approval of Harvoni, and dollar strength paring back earnings growth outside of the US. With the global economic outlook souring, we expect J&J to feel the impact given its international exposure.


Industry Trend Analysis - Drug Scandals To Have A Muted Impact - DEC 2014

Asia October 2014 / Japan / Industry

The recent spike in clinical trial scandals in Japan will not have significant repercussions on the country's pharmaceutical industry. The industry is a cornerstone for the Japanese economy and we believe that the government will continue to support clinical research by relaxing regulations and accelerating approval times for innovative medicines.


Industry Trend Analysis - H114 Sales Data Supports Forecast Changes - OCT 2014

Emerging Europe September 2014 / Ukraine / Industry

In line with our view, price inflation is contributing to pharmaceutical volume drop-off in Ukraine. Sales have risen in local currency terms, but declined in real terms. We see the remainder of 2014 and 2015 as being particularly challenging within Ukraine owing to upcoming headwinds and distressed market conditions.


Industry Trend Analysis - Medical Tourism To Provide Opportunities For Drugmakers - DEC 2014

Middle East & Africa October 2014 / United Arab Emirates / Industry

Increasing investment in healthcare infrastructure in the UAE, the beneficial location of the country, and its favourable political and economic environments mean that the Kingdom has huge potential to become a medical tourism market leader. These factors, coupled with patented drugs accounting for two thirds of the overall market, will provide opportunities for innovative drugmakers to expand into the already attractive pharmaceutical market of the UAE.


Industry Trend Analysis - Upcoming Opportunities For Drugmakers - DEC 2014

Western Europe October 2014 / Cote d`Ivoire / Industry

Côte d'Ivoire's healthcare sector will continue to be underfunded, making it difficult for the country to achieve its healthcare-related millennium development goals. This poses questions regarding the population's access to treatment of infectious and chronic diseases. While the planned implementation of universal healthcare coverage in 2015 will increase access to healthcare services, therefore providing drugmakers with increased revenue-earning opportunities, we believe a continued lack of skilled medical professionals and healthcare infrastructure will limit the uptake of medicines.