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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Operational Improvements Will Support Bright Spot Status - APR 2017

Americas March 2017 / Chile / Industry

Chile's pharmaceutical and healthcare market will remain a regional bright spot due to a combination of industry and macroeconomic strength. The country's accreditation as a Reference Regulatory Authority (RRA) by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) supports the business case for multinational drugmaker investment, incumbents will be incentivised to expand and new entrants will also be attracted. The promotion of generic medicines and drug pricing pressures will continue to pose a risk to market growth, but on balance, there is strong optimism for Chile's pharmaceutical and healthcare market over the next 10 years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Trump's Policies To Affect The Development Of Region's Pharmaceutical Sectors - APR 2017

Asia March 2017 / Asia / Industry

Acts undertaken by US President Donald Trump will shape the Asia Pacific's pharmaceutical sectors. The withdrawal of the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership is particularly significant, passing up an opportunity to introduce strong intellectual property protections which would have had ramifications beyond the original seven Asia Pacific member states. Trump's push to encourage the domestic manufacture of drugs will also affect pharmaceutical exporters in the region, with India being the most exposed - 38% of its total medicine exports went to the US in 2015.


Industry Trend Analysis - Generic Drug Production To Accelerate In Eastern Europe - APR 2017

Emerging Europe March 2017 / Europe / Industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturing growth in the CEE region has accelerated in recent years due to the combination of a rising demand for medicines and a need to reduce import reliance given weakening currencies. This theme will accelerate over the coming years due to the high growth potential of Eastern European markets. Revenue earning opportunities will predominantly exist for generic drug manufacturers over patented medicine producers.


Industry Trend Analysis - Increasing Pressure On Developing Antimalarial Treatment Against Drug-Resistant Plasmodium - APR 2017

Middle East & Africa March 2017 / Africa / Industry

Drug-resistant malaria is becoming more common and there is increased interest in possible solutions from pharmaceutical companies. The greater the range of action against multiple strains of malaria plasmodium will lead to a greater success rate for the newly developed drugs. However, pricing strategy will be crucial to the uptake of new antimalarial treatments.


Industry Trend Analysis - Multiple Blockbuster IBD Market Is On The Horizon - APR 2017

Western Europe March 2017 / Europe / Industry

With no drugs yet providing cures for ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease remains a therapy area with blockbuster potential for any drugs that can tackle these conditions effectively. Products under development include biosimilars and innovative products, and as understanding of IBD increases, so too this market will develop. With Entyvio already marketed, Takeda Pharmaceutical is in a strong position to capitalise on IBD; its development agreement with TiGenix highlights the firm's focus on dominating this area of unmet need.