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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Pre-Olympics Update: Zika Challenges To Remain - OCT 2016

Americas September 2016 / Brazil / Industry

Significant challenges remain in controlling the outbreak of the Zika virus, in addition to understanding and managing the cause and effect of the disease's associated syndromes. Zika will not materially impact Brazil's economy, with other fundamental issues bearing more weight on the country's negative growth prospects. The Brazilian government must learn from the outbreak and improve its healthcare infrastructure; if not, it will create a long-term infection risk.


Industry Trend Analysis - Higher Reimbursements To Benefit Celltrion And Samsung Bioepis - OCT 2016

Asia September 2016 / South Korea / Industry

Celltrion and Samsung Bioepis will be the key beneficiaries of the South Korean government's decision to increase the amount reimbursed to biosimilars. Both firms have a first mover advantage in the domestic market, having launched biosimilars of infliximab, trastuzumab and etanercept. Potential new entrants are likely to be limited over the short term given the difficulty in developing biosimilars. We expect further measures from the government to support the development of this class of medicines as it has the potential to support economic growth while traditional drivers wane.


Industry Trend Analysis - GSK's Strategy Highlights Potential As A Regional Hub - SEPT 2016

Emerging Europe July 2016 / Hungary / Industry

With a robust economy and favourable business environment, Hungary will continue to represent an attractive proposition for multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. Although its domestic market remains smaller than its neighbours, the expansion of GlaxoSmithKline's production facility near Bucharest highlights the country's potential in becoming a strategically-located manufacturing base for the region.


Industry Trend Analysis - Indian Drugmakers Well Positioned To Advance Further In Africa - OCT 2016

Middle East & Africa September 2016 / Ghana / Industry

Indian drugmakers will continue to dominate Africa's pharmaceuticals market, driven by investment incentives and favourable market conditions including a large population, emerging middle class and rising non-communicable disease burden. The growing demand for affordable generic medicines and lack of domestic manufacturing capabilities will play into the hands of Indian drugmakers able to manufacture generic drugs from a low-cost base.


Industry Trend Analysis - EMA Action Will Have Greatest Impact On Indian Industry - OCT 2016

Western Europe September 2016 / Europe / Industry

India will undoubtedly be disappointed that another Indian contract research organisation has fallen foul of EMA oversight; the recommendation of product suspensions will of course hurt the many generic firms it affects, but the impact on the Indian industry will be critical. In the past India has responded by suspending trade talks with the EU; this time, however, the EMA is following recommendations from both the FDA and WHO. The Indian government will need to take action to reassure the global community that its pharmaceuticals industry is reliable._x000d_