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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - EMS Increases Investment In Generic Production - NOV 2014

Americas October 2014 / Brazil / Industry

Domestic pharmaceutical companies will become increasingly competitive in Brazil's generic drug market due to strong government support and sector consolidation. As the role of leading local drugmakers extends beyond supplying affordable medicines to the domestic market, they have become a strategic component of the economy.


Industry Trend Analysis - Regenerative Stem Cell Companies Receive Insurance Support - NOV 2014

Asia October 2014 / Japan / Industry

Major non-life insurance companies in Japan have introduced new products that cover stem cell cultivating regenerative medicine companies, accentuating our positive view of this emerging technology. This outlook is anchored upon the country's ageing population and strong government support.


Industry Trend Analysis - H114 Sales Data Supports Forecast Changes - OCT 2014

Emerging Europe September 2014 / Ukraine / Industry

In line with our view, price inflation is contributing to pharmaceutical volume drop-off in Ukraine. Sales have risen in local currency terms, but declined in real terms. We see the remainder of 2014 and 2015 as being particularly challenging within Ukraine owing to upcoming headwinds and distressed market conditions.


Industry Trend Analysis - Small Market Size Will Deter Investment - OCT 2014

Middle East & Africa September 2014 / Mauritius / Industry

While geographic diversification and investment into the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector of emerging economies such as Mauritius may be a favourable strategy for any multinational pharmaceutical company, it is vital that companies recognise both the rewards and the risks present in the market - with regards to both the pharmaceutical industry and the country's business environment as a whole.


Industry Trend Analysis - OTC Sector Growth Jeopardised By Lack Of Innovation - NOV 2014

Western Europe October 2014 / Global / Industry

The over-the-counter (OTC) medicines segment is a steadily expanding opportunity for several multinational firms and many local manufacturers, in both developed states and emerging markets. We are observing more sophisticated marketing campaigns that aim to exploit the trend of sales channel liberalisation. However, the sector is at risk from a lack of innovation, with growth driven by increased volume sales, rather than margins.