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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Legalised 'Miracle Pills' Highlight Increasing Regulatory Instability For Drugmakers - JULY 2016

Americas June 2016 / Brazil / Industry

Public pressure will play an increasing role in the facilitation of the rapid approval and early access of treatments for serious health conditions globally. However, such decisions should be based on scientific evidence and internationally accepted safety and efficacy regulation protocols. The authorisation of phosphoethanolamine for cancer treatment in Brazil is a unique occurrence which only highlights that continued protests and political infighting will significantly harm Brazil's business environment, and introduce increasing uncertainty to the pharmaceutical companies operating within it.


Industry Trend Analysis - Government Commitment To Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Reform To Be Affirmed - JULY 2016

Asia June 2016 / China / Industry

Designating priority review to a list of innovative hepatitis C treatments will affirm the Chinese authorities' commitment to deepen regulatory reform in 2016. Research-based drugmakers with product portfolios aligned to meet the unmet medical need in prioritised therapeutic areas such as cancer, rare diseases and viral hepatitis will be well positioned to leverage these reforms. However, we highlight that material benefits remain contingent on the successful implementation of the scheme, posing a downside risk to business operations as the approval pathway has yet to be validated.


Industry Trend Analysis - Innovative Drugmakers To Benefit From Drug Reimbursement Changes - JULY 2016

Emerging Europe June 2016 / Poland / Industry

Poland will remain one of the most attractive markets within the CEE region for innovative drugmakers for the foreseeable future. Advanced drug-pricing legislation that echoes Western European nations highlights the good operating environment for pharmaceutical firms. The decision to override cost-benefit legislations signifies a need to meet the growing demand reflective of its Emerging Europe status, highlighting considerable growth potential.


Industry Trend Analysis - Suspension Of National Health Insurance Creates An Uncertain Future - JULY 2016

Middle East & Africa June 2016 / Qatar / Industry

The indefinite suspension of Qatar's national health insurance scheme, Seha, will create an uncertain future for the country's healthcare landscape. The previous model of healthcare financing proved to be unsustainable as government finances became squeezed in line with rising medical costs. The rollout of a government tender process with private health insurance companies will lead to competitive prices for healthcare services, thereby somewhat limiting the consequences from Seha's suspension on the Qatari population. We expect the Qatari government will actively encourage greater private sector engagement within the healthcare sector in an attempt to shoulder some of the financial burden.


Industry Trend Analysis - Increased Outsourcing Requirements Changing CRO Role - JULY 2016

Western Europe June 2016 / Germany / Industry

The evolving big pharma model is catalysing deep shifts within the CRO industry, with a move towards closer collaborative relationships. Whilst CROs initially attempted to draw in big pharma partnerships though size advantages, innovation is now becoming increasingly key. CROs that offer drug discovery solutions based on data-driven platforms will be of particular interest.