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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Japan To Increase Pharmaceutical Sector Influence - OCT 2014

Americas September 2014 / Brazil / Industry

Japan's contribution to the improvement of Brazil's pharmaceutical regulatory regime will help drugmakers from the Asian country enter the fast growing market. This assistance will also benefit other multinational pharmaceutical companies and domestic firms.


Industry Trend Analysis - Astellas Outperforms In Q114 - OCT 2014

Asia September 2014 / Japan / Industry

Numerous strategic partnerships for R&D and product commercialization will support Astellas' share performance in 2014. However, the group's relatively limited geographic exposure will continue to expose the company to domestic cost-containment policies. International markets will become increasingly important for Astellas.


Industry Trend Analysis - H114 Sales Data Supports Forecast Changes - OCT 2014

Emerging Europe September 2014 / Ukraine / Industry

In line with our view, price inflation is contributing to pharmaceutical volume drop-off in Ukraine. Sales have risen in local currency terms, but declined in real terms. We see the remainder of 2014 and 2015 as being particularly challenging within Ukraine owing to upcoming headwinds and distressed market conditions.


Industry Trend Analysis - Small Market Size Will Deter Investment - OCT 2014

Middle East & Africa September 2014 / Mauritius / Industry

While geographic diversification and investment into the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector of emerging economies such as Mauritius may be a favourable strategy for any multinational pharmaceutical company, it is vital that companies recognise both the rewards and the risks present in the market - with regards to both the pharmaceutical industry and the country's business environment as a whole.


Industry Trend Analysis - Public Pharmaceutical Expenditure Declines - OCT 2014

Western Europe September 2014 / Italy / Industry

The drop in public pharmaceutical expenditure in Italy in 2013 to a level below that of spending a decade ago does not bode well for prescription drugmakers, patients and pharmacies in the country. The success of the implemented policies may encourage the enforcement of further cost-containment measures targeting the pharmaceutical industry, particularly as the government is focused on slashing public healthcare costs. The government aims to slash public healthcare costs by EUR2bn (USD2.7bn) in 2014 and EUR2.1bn (USD2.8bn) in 2015, continuing from EUR900mn (USD1.2bn) in 2012 and EUR1.8bn (USD2.4bn) in 2013.