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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Intellectual Property Environment Deteriorates - AUG 2014

Americas July 2014 / Brazil / Industry

Alignment of Brazil's pharmaceutical regulatory system with international standards is still a long way off, as the country is on the path of adopting a stricter intellectual property policy that fits in with Brazil's interests rather than the interests of a wider global community. Nevertheless, Brazil's traditional commitment to healthcare improvement and growing middle-class population present significant revenue-generating opportunities for multinationals.


Industry Trend Analysis - Domestic Pharmaceutical Firms Continue To Outperform - AUG 2014

Asia July 2014 / India / Industry

Foreign pharmaceutical firms continue to face challenges to expansion in India's pharmaceutical market due to the drug price control order implemented in 2013. Given the country's lack of investment in healthcare and its preference for generic drugs, we maintain that domestic pharmaceutical firms will continue to outperform their foreign rivals thanks to their large portfolios of affordable generic drugs, which are sold primarily through pharmacies.


Industry Trend Analysis - PhRMA Report Continues To Highlight Turkey's Constrained Business Environment - JULY 2014

Emerging Europe June 2014 / Turkey / Industry

The PhRMA report to the US Trade Representative has once more placed Turkey on its Priority Foreign Country watchlist. The country continues to be singled out for a business environment that hinders the industry and limits the market opportunity for pharmaceutical companies. We note that due to Turkey's macroeconomic dynamics, the current sets of policies will not be eased in the next two to three years, so long as Turkey's balance of payment dynamics is unfavourable.


Industry Trend Analysis - Private Healthcare Spending To Outpace Public Healthcare Expenditure - AUG 2014

Middle East & Africa July 2014 / Saudi Arabia / Industry

Increasing investment from both the public and private sectors in the Saudi Arabian healthcare industry will improve standards of care and increase access to medicines. The government-mandated healthcare construction projects and increasing private health insurance uptake will provide momentum for foreign investments, as well as boosting sales of drugs and medical devices.


Industry Trend Analysis - Swiss Biotech Companies Face Funding Challenges - AUG 2014

Western Europe July 2014 / Switzerland / Industry

While capital investments in the Swiss biotech sector have not returned to pre-2007/08 financial downturn levels, the outperformance of the SXI Life Sciences Index is encouraging and highlights investor confidence in the sector. Switzerland's biotech industry is strategically important for the country's prosperity given the sector's high value-add.