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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - New Pharmaceutical Product Portfolio Will Remain Central To Eli Lilly's Revenue Growth - DEC 2017

Americas October 2017 / United States / Industry

Eli Lilly's Q317 financial results highlight that the firm will continue to derive its growth from a broad portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products. A range of new pharmaceutical products, spanning several therapeutic areas will drive the firm's revenue growth and will improve the long-term outlook for investors. Moreover, to maximise future value, the drugmaker will consider acquisition or organic growth of its Elanco animal health business.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceutical Cost Containment To Challenge Drugmakers Despite Improving Healthcare Coverage - DEC 2017

Asia October 2017 / Asia / Industry

The Asia Pacific (APAC) market will remain a key commercial opportunity for multinational drugmakers. An ageing population and rising burden of chronic diseases will play a part in the heightening of medicine demand in the region, along with the expansion of access to healthcare that will be the primary driver of robust growth. However, cost containment measures such as greater pricing pressures including value-based medicine pricing and generic substitution policies employed by the government to control expenditure, will create a challenging business environment for pharmaceutical companies.


Industry Trend Analysis - Immuno-Oncology Will Remain Key Cancer Pipeline Focus In 2018 - DEC 2017

Emerging Europe October 2017 / Europe / Industry

Immuno-oncology will remain a hot topic through 2018. The market will see expansion past PD-1 inhibitors, with new drug classes nearing approval. Leading oncology players will continue to reinforce their positions with long-term data, while small biotechs will present as opportunities for partnerships and acquisition prospects.


Industry Trend Analysis - Underlying Regulatory Weaknesses to Weigh on Region's Attractiveness To Drugmakers - DEC 2017

Middle East & Africa October 2017 / Africa / Industry

Sub-Saharan Africa's (SSA)'s pharmaceutical regulatory landscape continues to face a number of challenges that shape a decidedly difficult environment for drugmakers. Wide dipartites in regulatory procedures, a lack of enforcement of patent laws, and a general lack of transparency ensure the SSA region lags behind other sub-regions globally. Led by South Africa, regulatory reforms and improved harmonisation agreements will gradually improve the pharmaceutical regulatory environment, although the commercial benefits for drugmakers will only materialise over a longer timeframe.


Industry Trend Analysis - Higher Growth In Emerging Europe To Attract Drugmakers - DEC 2017

Western Europe October 2017 / Europe / Industry

The greater ability of Western European markets to afford high-value innovative medicines, coupled to the stronger regulatory environments, will continue to attract innovative drugmaker investment. However, growth within these markets will face a multitude of headwinds driven primarily by healthcare payer cost-containment. In emerging Europe, market growth will remain strong given continued improvements to healthcare inequality, although generic medicines will be favoured to maintain sustainable expenditures.