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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Rising Awareness And Early Detection Will Support Tackling Of Women's Cancer - MAR 2016

Americas February 2016 / Latin America / Industry

The Latin America and Caribbean region continues to suffer from the burden posed by breast and cervical cancer. However, access to cost-effective screening and treatment for women with these cancer types is improving and will reduce the disease burden over the medium to long term. We expect this progress - initiated by the PAHO foundation - to provide revenue-generating opportunities for pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and healthcare providers going forward.


Industry Trend Analysis - Further Differentiation Ahead For Medical Tourism Destination - MAR 2016

Asia February 2016 / South Korea / Industry

Differentiation will be integral to the continued growth of South Korea's medical tourism sector. This will help to alleviate the higher cost of treatments relative to other hubs in Asia and synergise with governmental efforts to promote the sector. Differentiation also allows South Korea to better leverage its strengths including its high levels of healthcare and competitive advantages in cosmetic surgery. This in turn creates a demand for pharmaceuticals that drugmakers can tap into.


Industry Trend Analysis - Hikma To Expand Market Access - MAR 2016

Emerging Europe February 2016 / Kazakhstan / Industry

Hikma's decision to set up a manufacturing facility in Kazakhstan will strengthen the company's position in the CEE region. The government's commitment to the industry's development, and favourable conditions for manufacturing present opportunities for drugmakers to take advantage of the rapidly growing Kazakhstani pharmaceutical market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Health Insurance Scheme Continues To Face Challenges - MAR 2016

Middle East & Africa February 2016 / Ghana / Industry

Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) will continue to face a number of challenges that threaten the sustainability of the programme over the long term. A recent report has suggested a number of improvements to the scheme that will help enhance greater uptake across Ghana. The long-term success of Ghana's NHIS will largely be determined by sustained financial support, as well as improvements to Ghana's healthcare system on a national-scale.


Industry Trend Analysis - Spanish Generic Industry Poised To Benefit From Proposed EC SPC Waiver - MAR 2016

Western Europe February 2016 / Spain / Industry

Measures to improve access to generics in Spain, a country that lags behind others in the EU for generic penetration, will lead to an increase in purchasing power at individual and state-level. Spanish generic manufacturers will be able to take advantage of the EC's proposed supplementary protection certificate waiver, the effect of which will be to increase R&D expertise in Spain, potentially both improving Spain's economy and reducing the country's drug cost burden.