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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - FDA Focus On REMS Is A Substantial Victory For Generic Industry - JAN 2018

Americas November 2017 / United States / Industry

Concerns over potential Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) programme abuses have been gaining traction in 2017 at a regulatory and political level. Having already accepted that the REMS programme is potentially open to abuse to delay generic competition, the FDA is somewhat duty-bound to find solutions, and the draft guidance now issued is a first step towards addressing that, and represents a substantial victory for the generic industry. It is especially important given the likelihood that legislative action on the issue will not succeed.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceutical Growth To Slow Amid Pricing Challenges - JAN 2018

Asia November 2017 / Japan / Industry

Japan will remain an important market for innovative drugmakers - the large market size, considerable purchasing power and the strength of the regulatory environment all contribute to significant revenue-earning opportunities for pharmaceutical firms. However, an increasingly tough pricing environment and a push towards the consumption of generic medicines, will require drugmakers to review their selling strategies in the world's third largest pharmaceutical market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Amgen On Track To Take Lead In Cancer Biosimilar Market - JAN 2018

Emerging Europe November 2017 / Europe / Industry

Having already gained the first US approval for biosimilar bevacizumab, this step towards EU approval further cements Amgen's position as an early leader in the biosimilar market. Amgen, and its partner, Allergan, are on track to have the first marketed cancer biosimilar in both the US and EU, although legal wrangling has so far prevented a US launch. The impact on Roche is likely to be muted, however; the firm has anticipated eventual biosimilar competition across its portfolio and has taken steps to mitigate the effects.


Industry Trend Analysis - Access To Oncology Market Will Remain Challenging - JAN 2018

Middle East & Africa November 2017 / Africa / Industry

Access to cancer treatments will remain a key public health concern throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Low affordability levels, a lack of technical support, and limited funding continue to dictate a tailored multinational company strategy. Indeed, the rising cancer incidence, combined with government incentives to improve access to treatment, will support a greater drugmaker presence over a longer timeframe, although exploiting these opportunities will remain highly challenging.


Industry Trend Analysis - A Recap On The Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Outlook For 2017: Central & Eastern Europe - JAN 2018

Western Europe November 2017 / Europe / Industry

The need for sustainable expansion of healthcare access has transformed the CEE pharmaceuticals market in 2017. There has been a greater focus on cross-border communication and collaboration within the pharmaceutical sphere in order to negotiate lower prices for medicines, improve and harmonise pharmaceutical policy and reduce barriers to trade. In addition, there has been a concerted effort to advance legislation in response to the challenges posed by the increasing demand for higher quality medicines while economic constraints remain.