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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Cardiovascular Diseases Dominate Epidemiological Profile - NOV 2017

Americas September 2017 / Argentina / Industry

The epidemiological profile of Argentina's population presents considerable opportunities for drugmakers active in the region. Unhealthy diet and a high prevalence of tobacco consumption reflect the population's lifestyle habits that will continue to drive the burden of non-communicable diseases. Although Mexico and Brazil represent larger markets on account of bigger populations, Argentina will remain a major market within the LatAm region.


Industry Trend Analysis - Regional Trends To Dictate Drugmaker Growth Opportunities - NOV 2017

Asia September 2017 / Asia / Industry

Patented drugmakers will continue to favour the developed Asia Pacific (APAC) markets on account of the more advanced regulatory environment coupled with a higher demand for and a greater ability to afford high-value medicines. However, the increased focus on cost-efficiency in these markets will manifest itself through greater pricing pressures on drugmakers, generic substitution policies and rational prescribing initiatives. With regards to the emerging markets, rising pharmaceutical spending in the emerging APAC markets and a lower per-capita spending on medicines will facilitate the uptake of affordable generic medicines over high-value patented medicines.


Industry Trend Analysis - Healthcare Reforms To Drive Pharmaceutical Spending Growth - NOV 2017

Emerging Europe September 2017 / Europe / Industry

Increasing disease burdens and rising demand for higher quality treatments will place increasing pressures on healthcare systems across the CEE region, posing downside risks to multinational drugmaker opportunities. Many governments will seek to implement reforms to increase spending efficiency or to enable greater access to treatments and the success of which will be a major factor in determining the outlook for medicine sales.


Industry Trend Analysis - Weak Regulatory Standards Perpetuate A Challenging Drugmaker Environment - NOV 2017

Middle East & Africa September 2017 / Africa / Industry

Regulatory inefficiencies are characteristic of Sub-Saharan Africa's pharmaceutical markets, which will continue to present a key market access barrier for innovative drugmakers. Nuances exist at the country- level, and the gradual establishment of regulatory agencies is yielding a slowly improving regulatory environment in certain markets. However, a lack of enforcement and willingness from the public sector to implement regulatory improvements will ensure that regional standards continue to lag significantly behind developed markets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Political Risks To Dampen Turkey's Attractiveness For Drug Production - NOV 2017

Western Europe September 2017 / Europe / Industry

Investment in domestic drug production will continue to accelerate across the CEE region, driven by government policies. However, we note that the considerable political instability in Turkey will prevent the market from realising its ambitious goals. On the other hand, investment into Russia's pharmaceutical industry by multinational pharmaceutical firms will continue.