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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Canal Construction Would Promote Pharmaceutical Market Growth - MAR 2015

Americas February 2015 / Nicaragua / Industry

The completion of Nicaragua's inter-oceanic canal would bring about positive changes for healthcare access within the country, increasing medicine consumption. However, controversy surrounding the project will most likely keep it from completion, making significant pharmaceutical growth unlikely and lessening the country's appeal to foreign investors.


Industry Trend Analysis - Drugmakers To Continue Overseas Expansion - MAR 2015

Asia February 2015 / South Korea / Industry

Internationalisation will become a critical element in the business strategies of South Korean drugmakers due to pricing controls in the domestic market and the strong commercial opportunities in developing economies. We highlight the importance of emerging markets in South Korea's expansion strategy as the strong role of generic medicines in these countries play to the strengths of many Korean drug portfolios, while the more lenient regulatory environment allows for the rapid commercialisation of products.


Industry Trend Analysis - Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases To Dominate Disease Profile - MAR 2015

Emerging Europe February 2015 / Hungary / Industry

Non-communicable conditions will remain the bulk of Hungary's disease burden over the long term. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancers will continue to dominate the epidemiological profile over the long term, making Hungary an attractive market to drugmakers with innovative portfolios focused on these therapy areas.


Industry Trend Analysis - Malaria Diagnostic Reinforces Telecare Trend - MAR 2015

Middle East & Africa February 2015 / Africa / Industry

The large burden of malaria in Africa and increasing mobile phone penetration will provide IanXen with commercial opportunities in the rapidly growing telecare market for a new malaria diagnostic smartphone application. BMI highlights that challenges to implementation include a lack of healthcare penetration in large rural communities and poor disease awareness.


Industry Trend Analysis - EU Approval For Ofev In IPF Will Create A Blockbuster In An Intense Market - MAR 2015

Western Europe February 2015 / Europe / Industry

EU approval for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis will act to level the playing field between Ofev and Esbriet, with both now approved in the major markets of Europe and the US. As the first products to be approved for treating this condition in Europe and the US, both products are likely to achieve blockbuster status. However, the relatively small number of patients will mean that competition will be intense.