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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Traditional Medicines Growth Poses A Challenge To Multinational Drugmakers - FEB 2015

Americas January 2015 / Nicaragua / Industry

In addition to high demand for low-value generic medicines, we highlight challenges for innovative drugmakers operating in Latin America. Opportunities for expansion are being complicated by the increased demand for traditional medicines, driven by socio-cultural preferences for this market segment and the government's encouragement of the use of the traditional medicines.


Industry Trend Analysis - Biosimilars To Drive Domestic Industry Growth - FEB 2015

Asia January 2015 / South Korea / Industry

Biosimilars will be a key driver of growth for the South Korean pharmaceutical industry. Local manufacturers will boosted by a supportive domestic environment and the upcoming patent expirations for a number of biologic medicines. We highlight that South Korean companies with a focus on biosimilars, including Celltrion, will be well placed to leverage the commercial opportunities.


Industry Trend Analysis - Clawback Tax Revisions To Boost Generic Drugmakers - FEB 2015

Emerging Europe January 2015 / Romania / Industry

Romania's claw back tax is being amended with positive implications for generic and innovative drugmakers. However, there is still a considerable backlog of medicines that have accumulated over the years and the tough reimbursement rules will continue to limit the market's growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Increased Budget Allocation To Provide Opportunities For Drugmakers - JAN 2015

Middle East & Africa November 2014 / United Arab Emirates / Industry

Continued government investment in the healthcare sector, increasing economic growth from the non-oil sector and improved intellectual property legislation mean that the UAE will remain an attractive pharmaceutical market for drugmakers.


Industry Trend Analysis - Eisai's Fycompa Will Remain Off German Market - FEB 2015

Western Europe January 2015 / Germany / Industry

Eisai's failure to secure a favourable price for Fycompa will mean this drug remains off the German market. The company needs to solve this disagreement if it is to maximise revenue from Fycompa in Europe. Eisai's difficulties highlight the problems that pharmaceutical companies are facing in markets looking to cut costs.