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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Limited Drugmaker Opportunities Underpinned By Small Pharmaceutical Market - MAY 2017

Americas March 2017 / Trinidad & Tobago / Industry

Growth within Trinidad & Tobago's pharmaceutical market will be supported by the government's push towards advancing healthcare availability and accessibility. However, local drug manufacturing is severely limited which, coupled with a weak business climate, makes for a challenging environment for pharmaceutical firms to operate in. Plans to prioritise spending on healthcare will have positive implications for the pharmaceutical market's development; however the government's ability to consistently support healthcare financing is inextricably linked to global oil prices.


Industry Trend Analysis - Evestra Agreement Will Boost Glenmark's Complex Generics Capabilities - MAY 2017

Asia March 2017 / India / Industry

Although Glenmark Pharmaceuticals does not consider female healthcare to be a central market for it, the US as a regional market is essential, and this agreement with Evestra will act to further boost Glenmark's US sales. It is a long-term agreement, with a US ANDA filing for the vaginal ring not anticipated until FY19. Although not a primary focus under Glenmark's strategic blueprint, Evestra's product fits well as an example of a complex generic; Glenmark will be looking to gain a niche position that will improve its standing in the US compared to other Indian firms.


Industry Trend Analysis - India Will Need To Take Action To Restore Confidence In Medicinal Data Reliability - MAY 2017

Emerging Europe March 2017 / Europe / Industry

The Indian Government is likely to be disappointed by this latest medicine suspension recommendation, the third issued by the EMA in recent years after inspecting Indian contract research organisations. Whilst previous actions have drawn rebuke from the Indian Government and impacted EU-India trade negotiations, it is unlikely that this recommendation will have the same effect, as negotiations have been stalled for some time. Nonetheless, a damaging picture of doubt over Indian contract research companies is emerging; India will need to take firm action to restore its reputation.


Industry Trend Analysis - Namibia - Q2 2017 - MAY 2017

Middle East & Africa March 2017 / Namibia / Industry

Namibia's weak domestic manufacturing capabilities and strong colonial ties with South Africa will ensure the country continues to import the majority of its pharmaceutical needs over the coming years. Despite a relatively attractive business environment, multinational drugmakers will continue to use South Africa as the main channel trough which medicines are imported into the country, and will be unlikely to establish a direct manufacturing presence. Local production of antiretroviral medicines will give a small boost to the country's limited export potential.


Industry Trend Analysis - High Generic Medicine Growth Potential In Central & Eastern Europe - MAY 2017

Western Europe March 2017 / Europe / Industry

The growing pressure on healthcare payers across Europe will lead to an outperformance of generic medicine sales with respect to the wider market. The Western Europe generic market will remain significantly larger in value terms over our forecast period; however, the Central and Eastern European market represents higher sales potential given the emphasis on the expansion of healthcare access.