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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Political/Economic Factors Will Create Divergent Epidemiology - FEB 2017

Americas January 2017 / Argentina / Industry

Success in the Argentinean pharmaceutical market requires an understanding of the political, economic, social and environmental factors that divert the country's epidemiological profile from the regional norm. Non-communicable diseases will drive substantial growth, particularly breast cancer and mental health disorders. Opportunities in communicable diseases will be concentrated in the HIV/AIDS market. The trends in Argentina's epidemiology will be characterised by 'western' traits and dictated by government policy, so multinational companies must adapt their strategies accordingly.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceutical Sales To Face Downside Risks From Demonetisation Policy - FEB 2017

Asia January 2017 / India / Industry

India's demonetisation policy will accentuate the operational risks facing pharmaceutical firms operating in the country. Risks for the sector will be acute in the short term as the ban on large-denomination currency notes imposes payment barriers to patients in a market that is heavily reliant on out-of-pocket spending. The policy's full impact is expected to be more pronounced in the next few months with public hospitals and pharmacies ceasing to accept old INR500 (USD7.4) bills from December 15 2016 and advanced purchases by patients with chronic disease in anticipation of the ban impacting sales in the first few months of 2017. Over the long term, the effects of the demonetisation policy on the broader economy represent the primary channel through which the measure can alter India's pharmaceutical sales growth trajectory.


Industry Trend Analysis - Mixed Implications Of Regulatory Changes For Drugmakers - FEB 2017

Emerging Europe January 2017 / Czech Republic / Industry

With patient numbers increasing rapidly in the Czech Republic, the availability of medicines has become a more prominent issue. Recent amendments to the country's pharmaceutical law, which are expected to be implemented in 2017, seek to address this by limiting the parallel trade of medicines whilst also reducing the cost of generic and biosimilar medicines. While drugmakers will experience a loss in profit margins, their top-line revenues will remain unchanged and may even increase as more funds are released for innovative medicines. All in all, the Czech Republic will remain the most attractive CEE market to multinational drugmakers due to the country's close alignment with Western European standards and markets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Federal Budget Will Bode Well For Healthcare Sector - FEB 2017

Middle East & Africa January 2017 / United Arab Emirates / Industry

Healthcare will remain a priority in the UAE despite a stagnant federal budget for 2017. Continued government investment into the various social sectors, economic growth from the non-oil sector and improved intellectual property legislation mean that the UAE will remain an attractive pharmaceutical market for innovative pharmaceutical companies.


Industry Trend Analysis - Psoriasis Indication Will Reinforce Cimzia's Worth To UCB - FEB 2017

Western Europe January 2017 / Belgium / Industry

In seeking to expand the number of conditions Cimzia is indicated for, UCB is following a well-trodden path in the autoimmune sphere. A successful indication for psoriasis would prove to be highly beneficial. The condition affects nearly 3% of the world's population, or around 125mn. Cimzia is already a cornerstone drug for UCB, but with key patents for Cimzia expiring in 2024, UCB will be keen to extract maximum value from the drug before it is squeezed by increasing competitive pressure.