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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Upside Potential For Generic Drugmakers Operating In Brazil - JAN 2017

Americas November 2016 / Brazil / Industry

Brazil will remain attractive for generic drug manufacturers due to a broad expansion in the size of the generic medicines market over the next 10 years. A proposed long-term budget freeze on government health spending would hinder innovative drugmakers but provide upside growth potential for generic products. The regulatory environment for generic medicines in Brazil is mixed, but recent developments suggest the outlook for the market is slowly improving.


Industry Trend Analysis - Special Re-pricing Rule To Shape Drugmaker Strategies - JAN 2017

Asia November 2016 / Japan / Industry

The move by authorities to reduce the price of Opdivo (nivolumab) will reinforce the contention over the pharmaceutical pricing regime in Japan. Beyond the substantial 50% cut that is expected to come into force in February 1 2017, the reduction is notable for occurring outside the biennial price reduction cycle and heightens the level of uncertainty in the market. This will also prompt multinational drugmakers to reassess their marketing strategies for high-value pharmaceuticals, and we anticipate greater pressure from the industry for authorities to reform the pricing regime to better reward innovation.


Industry Trend Analysis - Ibrance Competition Imminent - JAN 2017

Emerging Europe November 2016 / United States / Industry

Despite ribociclib speeding towards the market, Pfizer will still be able to maintain its market lead with Ibrance. Novartis will prove to be a significant challenger to Pfizer's Ibrance, due to its strong oncology heritage. Eli Lilly will trail behind Novartis; however, abemaciclib's ability to penetrate the CNS will differentiate it from competitors.


Industry Trend Analysis - Questioning Interchangeability Will Protect Remicade Revenues - JAN 2017

Middle East & Africa November 2016 / Turkey / Industry

Although Remicade's sales have so far weathered the emergence of biosimilar competition, Janssen Biotech (Johnson & Johnson) will still need to protect future revenues. These studies reinforce Janssen's view that interchangeability should not be granted for biosimilar infliximab. Janssen will not be able to prevent CT-P13's approval in the US, but it will not be deemed to be interchangeable. In maintaining pressure over interchangeability, Janssen will be able to continue to delay the introduction of a truly competitive biosimilar market, ultimately protecting its revenue stream.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Outlook For 2017: Central & Eastern Europe - JAN 2017

Western Europe November 2016 / Europe / Industry

The sustainable expansion of healthcare access will continue to shape the CEE pharmaceuticals market in 2017. There will be a greater focus on cross-border communication and collaboration within the pharmaceutical sphere, in order to negotiate lower prices for medicines, improve and harmonise pharmaceutical policy and reduce barriers to trade. In addition, there will be a concerted effort to advance legislation in response to the challenges posed by the increasing demand for higher quality medicines while economic constraints remain.