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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Latin America Q215 Round-Up - AUG 2015

Americas July 2015 / Latin America / Industry

Growing regional focus on telemedicine, joint medicine procurements, and increased medical provision for rare conditions will further positive investor sentiment for Latin America over the coming decade. Mexico and Brazil will remain outperformers, particularly as Mexico's economy begins its strong recovery in 2015. The region's ongoing focus on improving healthcare access combined with its growing pharmaceutical expenditure, resulting from rising disease burdens, will maintain Latin America's appeal as a destination for commercial opportunity.


Industry Trend Analysis - Shift Away From Austerity To Benefit Drugmakers - JULY 2015

Asia June 2015 / Australia / Industry

Pharmaceutical companies will benefit from Australia's FY2015/16 budget. Critically, the budget has moved away from its focus on austerity due to the political resistance in shifting medical costs onto consumers - boding well for healthcare access. In addition, commercial opportunities will be augmented following the government's allocation of AUD1.6bn (USD1.2bn) towards expanding the number of medicines listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme. Nonetheless, we highlight that the broader challenge of addressing Australia's healthcare costs has merely been postponed and cost containment measures will remain a persistent threat.


Industry Trend Analysis - Commercial Opportunities For Orphan Drugmakers To Expand - AUG 2015

Emerging Europe July 2015 / Czech Republic / Industry

The Czech Republic will remain the most accessible market in the medium-term for orphan drugmakers in Central and Eastern Europe due to the progress made in its national strategy for rare diseases, as well as its progressive reimbursement policies towards orphan drugs. Furthermore, improving patient access to genetic testing and the establishment of national patient registries will widen the commercial opportunity for orphan drugmakers in the country. However, the same drugmakers will need to adopt looser pricing policies given the strict cost-benefit hurdle that the Czech health technology assessment agency has established for reimbursing orphan drugs.


Industry Trend Analysis - Medical City And Positive Political Outlook To Boost Medical Tourist Arrivals - AUG 2015

Middle East & Africa July 2015 / Egypt / Industry

The building of a medical city in an already established tourist destination will establish Egypt as the leader in North Africa's medical tourism sector, primed to attract patients from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Dubai's current emergence as a global medical tourism hub will provide Egypt with serious competition, and could somewhat limit arrivals growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Demand And Price Pressures For Biosimilars To Rise - AUG 2015

Western Europe July 2015 / Europe / Industry

Governments in Western Europe are to remain committed to fiscal consolidation and will continue to target the healthcare sector and the prescription drugs sector in particular - a large recipient of government funds. Therefore, despite calls made by regulatory bodies for the implementation of a system that adequately rewards innovation and supports investment in future medicines, including biologics, companies will face an increasingly tough pricing and reimbursement environment.