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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Commercial Opportunities Will Remain Despite Industry Protest - OCT 2015

Americas September 2015 / Colombia / Industry

The recent demonstrations of public unrest in Colombian healthcare will limit appeal to multinational drugmakers and health companies as chronic financial instability within the public health sector continues. The government's remaining commitment to health access and rising medical expenditure levels will work to mitigate such risks, though economic deceleration will likely hamper financial stability in the health sector in coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Costs To Hamper Expanded Health Insurance Coverage - OCT 2015

Asia September 2015 / China / Industry

The impact of China's expanded health insurance coverage on drugmaker commercial prospects will be heterogeneous. Beyond the long-term challenges in the financial sustainability of the scheme, much of the opportunities for drugmakers will be dependent on the definition accorded to the 'serious illnesses' highlighted by the government and the final list of diseases covered. Moreover, there remains the potential for the diseases covered to vary among the provinces, which will require drugmakers to work closely with local authorities to fully leverage the prospects from the scheme.


Industry Trend Analysis - MNC And Domestic Drugmaker Partnerships Will Increase - OCT 2015

Emerging Europe September 2015 / Russia / Industry

Multinational companies will increasingly pursue localisation deals with Russian companies as part of an overall de-risking strategy and to circumvent upcoming protectionist measures by the Russian government. Russian partners will benefit from the tech transfer of innovative drugs from multinational companies, and hold a competitive advantage over other domestic companies in state procurement deals. The Russian government will continue to push measures that will facilitate the development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry as part of a strategic objective of reducing the country's import reliance.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceutical Forecast Upgraded Despite Cost-Containment Measures - OCT 2015

Middle East & Africa September 2015 / Bahrain / Industry

Bahrain's government will continue in its attempts at containing the rapidly expanding cost of healthcare. Private sector engagement and increasing generic substitution will continue to be employed, although government spending on the sector will continue to increase given its importance in social stability.


Industry Trend Analysis - EMA's HPV Vaccine Safety Review Will Have Little Impact On Sales - OCT 2015

Western Europe September 2015 / Europe / Industry

This review by the EMA will have little to no impact on the sales of Merck's Gardasil franchise or GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix sales. The benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks, and the two conditions supposedly linked to the vaccines are very rare and can occur in non-vaccinated individuals, which will lead to little change in prescribing information for the products.