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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Regional Pharmaceutical Market Remains Attractive Despite Brazil's Growth Slowdown - MAY 2016

Americas April 2016 / Latin America / Industry

Brazil will continue to be the most important market for multinational pharmaceutical companies wishing to generate significant revenues in Latin America. Public tender offers in Brazil will continue to play a decisive part in multinationals' local revenue growth. Mexico and Argentina also have potentials to contribute solid growth. Furthermore, leading local drugmakers in Latin America will become increasingly attractive acquisition options for foreign drugmakers. The monetary assets and liabilities, as well as related revenues and expenses of multinationals will continue to be subject to revaluation.


Industry Trend Analysis - Strength In Biosimilar Products To Drive Export Growth - MAY 2016

Asia April 2016 / South Korea / Industry

South Korea's position as a key exporter of medicines will continue to strengthen. With the country's traditional strength in exports as a base, local firms have been able to build upon their competitive advantages through partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies. This creates opportunities to develop higher-value products and foray into international markets through the sales networks of their partners. In addition, the biosimilar market is a key opportunity for growth due to the strong market positions of South Korea-based Celltrion and Samsung Bioepis.


Industry Trend Analysis - Brexit Would Bring Challenges For The Pharmaceutical Industry - MAY 2016

Emerging Europe April 2016 / Europe / Industry

A vote by the UK to leave the EU will pose significant challenges to the European pharmaceutical industry, with particular uncertainty over the status of the European regulatory authority - the European Medicines Agency - but also within scientific research. The importance of the UK in the European pharmaceutical market makes widespread changes to regulation unlikely; nonetheless, risks remain.


Industry Trend Analysis - Aurobindo Pharma Advances Emerging Market Expansion - MAY 2016

Middle East & Africa April 2016 / Saudi Arabia / Industry

Aurobindo's plans to establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia will help the company expand its presence in the growing Saudi generics drug market. This move falls in line with the company's strategy of expanding its generic drugs portfolio in emerging markets. The new facility will strengthen the company's position within the Gulf region, with long-term growth being supported through expanding healthcare, rising demand for low-value medicines and growing levels of public awareness.


Industry Trend Analysis - Focus On Life Sciences Business Will Support Future Growth - MAY 2016

Western Europe April 2016 / Germany / Industry

Bayer's strategical direction towards a pure life sciences company will increase its appeal to investors in 2016. De-diversification represents a growing trend within the pharmaceutical industry as companies look to focus their attention on core growth drivers. Bayer's crop science division will come under increasing pressure over the coming years as the merger between Dow Chemical and DuPont challenges this segment of their business.