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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Offsetting Remicade Decline Will Be A Priority For J&J - MAR 2018

Americas January 2018 / United States / Industry

Remicade continues to dominate Johnson & Johnson's Immunology sales, but its sales are in decline as biosimilar competition intensifies; questions over biosimilar interchangeability suggest that sales are falling largely as a result of a failure to gain new customers. J&J is working to offset falling Remicade revenues, however, and in Q417 for the first time, non-Remicade Immunology sales were worth more. As Tremfya's sales prospects improve, the gap between Remicade and non-Remicade sales will widen in FY18.


Industry Trend Analysis - Improvements To The Intellectual Property Environment Will Be A Positive For Drugmakers - MAR 2018

Asia January 2018 / Thailand / Industry

Improvements to Thailand's regulatory environment, including medicine approval times, will support a greater multinational presence over the long-term. Sustaining this trend will be a confluence of the government's drive to foster innovation as well as the growing momentum within the pharmaceutical industry towards new medicine launches. In recognition of the country's efforts to improve intellectual property protection and enforcement, the United States removed Thailand from its Priority Watch List of intellectual property violators in December 2017.


Industry Trend Analysis - Healthcare Providers To Benefit From Ageing Populations - MAR 2018

Emerging Europe January 2018 / Europe / Industry

Ageing populations across the Europe region will bolster drugmaker revenue earning opportunities through the increased demand for chronic disease medicines. However, increasingly aggressive cost-containment measures are likely to be imposed by governments due to greater scrutiny over healthcare spending. These trends will be most keenly felt in Western European markets and increasingly in Central European markets. The rapid expansion of access to healthcare in emerging European markets will drive significant growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Drug Pricing Revisions Will Challenge International Drugmaker Revenues - MAR 2018

Middle East & Africa January 2018 / United Arab Emirates / Industry

The UAE's pharmaceutical market presents significant growth opportunities for multinational drugmakers, yet the impact of lower medicine prices will create challenges for innovative companies operating in the Emirates. Despite this, the UAE is becoming more accepting of new and innovative medicines, with proposed reforms to the country's drug regulatory system likely to gain traction over the coming years, thereby upholding its appeal for innovative drug launches.


Industry Trend Analysis - Cost Pressures To Provide Challenge For Drugmaker Revenues - MAR 2018

Western Europe January 2018 / Europe / Industry

Multinational innovative pharmaceutical firms will continue to invest heavily in Western Europe on account of the stronger regulatory environments and greater ability to afford high-value medicines. However, these markets will no longer provide significant revenue growth due to aggressive cost-containment; rather, growth opportunities will be plentiful in emerging Europe. We note that due to continued regulatory challenges, the vast majority of this growth will be driven by the generic medicines sector.