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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Market Growth Outlook Dampened By Diminishing Public Sector Support - JAN 2016

Americas November 2015 / Brazil / Industry

Brazil's pharmaceutical market will become increasingly unattractive to pharmaceutical companies due to the growing fiscal tightening in the country. Multinational drugmakers will face the risk of revenue decreases, due to increasing generic competition and more intensified cost-containment measurements.


Industry Trend Analysis - Large Pharmaceutical Market To Attract More Clinical Trials - DEC 2015

Asia October 2015 / China / Industry

China will remain a leading clinical trials destination in Asia. Central to the country's attractiveness is the large and growing pharmaceutical market whose fundamental drivers remain strong despite the recent changes to the healthcare system. In addition, China's sizeable patient population will facilitate the recruitment process and synergise with the authorities' efforts to address the long start-up times to boost the sector's growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - AstraZeneca Opens Manufacturing Plant To Facilitate Market Access - JAN 2016

Emerging Europe November 2015 / Russia / Industry

AstraZeneca's strategy in Russia can be considered a case study for other drugmakers operating in emerging markets. Local manufacturing, clinical research and scientific collaborations, and disease awareness programmes demonstrate long-term commitment to the country. This will develop relationships with the regulators, prescribers and payers, and ultimately reinforce commercial prospects.


Industry Trend Analysis - Tiered Pricing And Voluntary Licensing To Be Increasingly Employed In HCV Market - JAN 2016

Middle East & Africa November 2015 / Africa / Industry

In order to navigate the key market access barrier of low affordability in Africa, pharmaceutical companies entering the HCV market will use tiered pricing models and voluntary licensing agreements. Other barriers including weak intellectual property protection and slow approval times will still persist in Africa, posing a risk to our outlook.


Industry Trend Analysis - Balancing Protection And Access Essential For EU Biosimilar Market To Succeed - JAN 2016

Western Europe November 2015 / Europe / Industry

Despite biosimilars having now been available in the EU for some years, there is still scope to produce international-level guidelines on implementing and maintaining a competitive market. The EFPIA is seizing the initiative and in doing so has given itself the ability to influence the emerging market. Key concerns raised reflect debate in the US and elsewhere; finding the balance between protection and access will be essential for the biosimilar market to succeed.