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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Intellectual Property Environment Deteriorates - AUG 2014

Americas July 2014 / Brazil / Industry

Alignment of Brazil's pharmaceutical regulatory system with international standards is still a long way off, as the country is on the path of adopting a stricter intellectual property policy that fits in with Brazil's interests rather than the interests of a wider global community. Nevertheless, Brazil's traditional commitment to healthcare improvement and growing middle-class population present significant revenue-generating opportunities for multinationals.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceutical Growth Potential Limited By Pricing Controls - SEPT 2014

Asia July 2014 / India / Industry

The government of India's insistence on the low pricing of essential drugs will reduce the country's attractiveness to pharmaceutical firms, as it limits the overall market's growth potential. BMI maintains that the government needs to increase spending on healthcare in order to improve patient access to medical services, which will in turn drive demand for healthcare products.


Industry Trend Analysis - Government Pushes For Reducing Import Reliance - SEPT 2014

Emerging Europe July 2014 / Turkey / Industry

Current account dynamics are pushing the Turkish government to attract multinationals and local drugmakers to expand manufacturing capacity in order to reduce the country's reliance on imported pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We see the goals laid out as unachievable within the timeframe set. Investment by multinationals in Turkey will be moderated by the restrictive legislation and considerable regulatory hurdles of the domestic pharmaceutical market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pfizer To Capitalise On Long-Term Investment - SEPT 2014

Middle East & Africa July 2014 / Saudi Arabia / Industry

Growth in the Saudi Arabian pharmaceutical market will be driven by the country's large and expanding population, rising burden of non-communicable diseases and a preference for expensive patented medicines. Multinational drugmakers will capitalise on the long-term investment in the country as well as the close relationship and promotion programmes among patient groups and local healthcare providers.


Industry Trend Analysis - China Meheco To Ease Drug Shortages - SEPT 2014

Western Europe July 2014 / Venezuela / Industry

In Venezuela's highly challenging pharmaceutical market, China Meheco, with the political and financial support from the Chinese government, will have significant advantages over other foreign drugmakers to secure better commercial returns. Although medicines supplied by the deal will not significantly alter the local pharmaceutical market landscape, they will ease the pain of drug shortages in the short term. Dialogue and cooperation with the Venezuelan government will continue to be essential for drugmakers to operate in Venezuela.