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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Dengue Opportunities To Be Strong Despite Limited Prominence - NOV 2016

Americas September 2016 / Brazil / Industry

The burden imposed by dengue in Brazil will be substantial. While the disease has been overshadowed by the prominence of Zika, the number of dengue cases is far higher, with the country reporting 252,864 cases as of August 2016. Factors hindering public efforts to address the prevalence of dengue include the entrenchment of the Aedes mosquito and geographic variances of the dengue virus with divergent serotypes being detected across Brazil. While this contributes to the global demand for dengue vaccines, capturing this commercial opportunity will be highly contingent on the drug approval process and public immunisation programmes.


Industry Trend Analysis - Competition Ahead Within Biosimilar Market - NOV 2016

Asia September 2016 / Japan / Industry

Competition in the Japanese biosimilar market is set to intensify over the coming years. Fundamentals attracting drugmakers into this field include its relatively nascent state, with few biosimilars launched thus far, cost containment pressures and well-defined regulations that will facilitate market entry. We expect branding to be a key differentiator in this medicine class, as it will require pharmaceutical firms to actively engage stakeholders, especially doctors.


Industry Trend Analysis - Generic Medicine Sales To Outperform CEE Markets - NOV 2016

Emerging Europe September 2016 / Kazakhstan / Industry

Kazakhstan will provide lucrative opportunities for multinational drugmakers of generic medicines. The implementation of a new health insurance scheme, as well as policies to stabilise medicine prices and increase accessibility of drugs, will boost pharmaceutical sales in the country. Weak IP laws and a preference for generic drugs will limit patented medicine sales.


Industry Trend Analysis - Advances To Medicine Dispensing Will Improve Market Attractiveness - NOV 2016

Middle East & Africa September 2016 / South Africa / Industry

Improvements to South Africa's pharmaceutical distribution procedures will improve the population's access to essential medicines. Moreover, advancements to the country's drug monitoring capabilities will make the country a more attractive destination for local manufacturing over the long term. While South Africa is taking steps to address the distribution of counterfeit medicines, the widespread prevalence of substandard drugs will remain a risk to our outlook for the country.


Industry Trend Analysis - EMA Action Will Have Greatest Impact On Indian Industry - OCT 2016

Western Europe September 2016 / Europe / Industry

India will undoubtedly be disappointed that another Indian contract research organisation has fallen foul of EMA oversight; the recommendation of product suspensions will of course hurt the many generic firms it affects, but the impact on the Indian industry will be critical. In the past India has responded by suspending trade talks with the EU; this time, however, the EMA is following recommendations from both the FDA and WHO. The Indian government will need to take action to reassure the global community that its pharmaceuticals industry is reliable._x000d_