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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Government Will Uphold Commitment To Healthcare - SEPT 2016

Americas July 2016 / Brazil / Industry

The Brazilian government will continue to support efforts to improve the population's access to healthcare. However, we are likely to see increasing downward price pressure on medicines as a result of the austerity measures placed on the healthcare sector. This will, in turn, result in profit declines for drugmakers. Brazil's competitive pharmaceutical market will provide an increasingly challenging operating environment for drugmakers.


Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Environment To See Gradual Improvements - SEPT 2016

Asia July 2016 / China / Industry

Pharmaceutical intellectual property protection in China will see steady improvement. Sustaining this trend will be a confluence of the government's drive to foster innovation as well as the growing momentum within the Chinese pharmaceutical industry towards drug discovery. Nonetheless, we expect improvements to be gradual as time is needed to develop the capacities of the regulatory bodies, reform existing mechanisms and to roll out new initiatives.


Industry Trend Analysis - GSK's Strategy Highlights Potential As A Regional Hub - SEPT 2016

Emerging Europe July 2016 / Hungary / Industry

With a robust economy and favourable business environment, Hungary will continue to represent an attractive proposition for multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. Although its domestic market remains smaller than its neighbours, the expansion of GlaxoSmithKline's production facility near Bucharest highlights the country's potential in becoming a strategically-located manufacturing base for the region.


Industry Trend Analysis - Expanding Healthcare Access To Benefit Innovative Drugmakers - SEPT 2016

Middle East & Africa July 2016 / Saudi Arabia / Industry

The demand for hepatitis C treatments in Saudi Arabia will continue to rise. Medicine consumption will be boosted following local production of a new hepatitis C drug. Additionally, greater cooperation between the Saudi Arabian government and international drugmakers highlights the government's commitment to increasing access to hepatitis C treatments. The rising incidence of hepatitis C in Saudi Arabia, high per-capita pharmaceutical spending and a preference for patented medicines make Saudi Arabia a lucrative pharmaceutical market for innovative drugmakers despite stringent regulatory laws.


Industry Trend Analysis - Germany To Become Increasingly Important For Stada - SEPT 2016

Western Europe July 2016 / Germany / Industry

Stada Arzneimittel's Central and Eastern Europe sales region saw sales in this latest quarter plummet, hampered by the ongoing economic situation in Russia and Serbia. Of more comfort to Stada has been performance in Germany, which is showing evidence of countering the country's long-standing financial squeeze on generics. The domestic market is set to become increasingly important as a bulwark against fluctuating financial conditions elsewhere.