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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Latin America Q215 Round-Up - AUG 2015

Americas July 2015 / Latin America / Industry

Growing regional focus on telemedicine, joint medicine procurements, and increased medical provision for rare conditions will further positive investor sentiment for Latin America over the coming decade. Mexico and Brazil will remain outperformers, particularly as Mexico's economy begins its strong recovery in 2015. The region's ongoing focus on improving healthcare access combined with its growing pharmaceutical expenditure, resulting from rising disease burdens, will maintain Latin America's appeal as a destination for commercial opportunity.


Industry Trend Analysis - Healthcare Sector Poised For Growth - SEPT 2015

Asia July 2015 / Indonesia / Industry

Indonesia's healthcare expenditure will grow robustly. Key to this trajectory is rising household incomes which will have strong positive ramifications due to the dominant role of private spending as a source of healthcare financing. This will be further augmented by the roll out of universal healthcare which will improve access to medical services and in turn create commercial opportunities that will drive the expansion of private hospitals - a boon to Indonesia's healthcare infrastructure.


Industry Trend Analysis - Progressive Reimbursement Policies Will Attract Orphan Drugmakers - SEPT 2015

Emerging Europe July 2015 / Slovenia / Industry

While Slovenia is currently missing crucial elements of the infrastructure needed to manage rare diseases, such as a national registry and broader screening policies, the country presents significant commercial opportunities for orphan drugmakers owing to its progressive reimbursement policies towards orphan drugs and patients with rare diseases.


Industry Trend Analysis - Diabetes Market Will Offer Lucrative Opportunities - SEPT 2015

Middle East & Africa July 2015 / Middle East / Industry

The already significant burden of diabetes will continue to grow in the MENA region as the population ages and adopts a more sedentary lifestyle. Increasing insurance coverage and rising income levels will lead to greater spending on diabetes, and commercial opportunities will be sought after by multinational pharmaceutical companies, health insurers and providers.


Industry Trend Analysis - Biosimilars Will Be Essential In Future RA Treatment Options - SEPT 2015

Western Europe July 2015 / Europe / Industry

The presentation of trial data for biosimilars reflects the growing shape and size of the biosimilar market for autoimmune products, particularly in Europe. The conference has also recognised that the increasing prevalence of biosimilars is leading to questions and anxiety amongst patients, a concern that can also be discerned in Hospira's biosimilar infliximab presentation. Tackling these concerns will be essential if the biosimilar rheumatoid arthritis market is to be viable.